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Manufacturer of agricultural goods OLKAR Ltd.
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Limited Liability Company "OLKAR" is a producer of agricultural products. The company was opened with little initial capital. Although most of any new businesses close within the first three years of our history of the family business - a success story, a business that works and brings a stable income for over 10 years. During this time sown area increased from 100 to 5,000 hectares.
The company is constantly developing and creating new jobs. Timely delivery of rent, provides us proper respect among the landlords, and the desire of people who have not deposited their shares to rent conclude land lease agreements is with us. Although the main resource base is in Novgorod-Seversky area sown area increased as planned by lands that are in other areas, such as Semenov. Despite the fact that the company recently established in August 2015, it has known not only in Chernihiv region, but also in other regions of Ukraine and abroad.

Our team

Shitikov Oleg DmitrievichFounder
Shitikova Karina NikolaevnaFounder Director
Shitikov Dmitry Konstantinovich Nina OleksandrovnaFounders
Garkysha Igor VladimirovichHead of sales department
Gromova Ylia BorisovnaAccountant
Katrenko Evgeniy AnatolievichMechanical Engineer
Movlyan Tatiana NikolaevnaDeputy director
Hristenok Valentin NikolayevichLegal adviser
Katrenko Genadiy AnatolievichHead base
Rybalko Katerina VladimirovnaThe secretary
Kyrganskiy Evgeniy LeonidovichSales manager
Katrenko Nataliy GrigorovnaSecretary
Pomaz Nikolay MikhaylovichAgronomist

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